Two Funerals (2014)

Director: Rotem Azulay


A documentary about Yehoshua Steinbock, one of the foremost Bauhaus architects, who, as his family found out only after his death, had another family, a secret one. He had an official daughter and a secret one – both named Aya and about the same age. This duality is also found in his architecture, and in my music I tried to convey it as well, by composing a melody in which there are 2 lines – upper and lower – following each other step by step.

Nominated - the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum Award for Best Music for a Debut Film 2015

Fire Birds (2015)

Director: Amir Wolf

Love Theme

I really loved working on Amir Wolf's thrilling debut film, a mystery drama with a sense of humor that touches on old age, death and the memory of the holocaust. I especially loved composing the love theme – a gentle theme which links together 2 love stories, from the past and the present, of an old couple and of a young one. It was also an opportunity for me to pay an homage to one of my favorite film director-composer collaborations, that of Claude Sautet and Philippe Sarde.

Concerto for Organ and Flip-Flops (2001)

Director: Avigail Dahan


For this charming nostalgic short about a hard-working family in 1970's Israel, I composed a chamber score for violins and cellos, using only 2 players.

The Imaginary Invalid (2012)

Director: Udi Ben Moshe

Main Theme

Arguably the Jerusalem Khan Theater's most successful production ever, a winner of the Best Comedy of the Year Award at the Israeli Theater Awards 2012, this production of Molière's beloved classic is brilliantly funny and energetic from beginning to end. The music I composed is no less energetic, and French – not 17th century French, but instead Django Reinhardt 20th century French.

Nominated – the Israeli Theater Award for Best Music 2012

When Shall We Kiss (2007)

Creator: Dalit Kahn

Shira's Theme

This unusual, offbeat, yet sexy TV series was a huge hit when it aired on Israeli TV, which contributed to it later being sold to HBO Europe. It centers around 3 women and how their relationships and personalities shape them, define and connects them. It is a dark comedy, with characters being portrayed in harsh, aching colors and merciless writing. My music for the series was based on 3 themes - one for each of the women.

Land of Rape & Honey (1996)

Choreographers: Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal


This roguish salsa served as the opening music for a monumental one-and-a-half hour dance piece, created by the Liat dror Nir Ben Gal Dance Company for the celebrated Théâtre de la Ville in Paris. My music for the piece was conceived a strange kind of non-stop film score, together with sound effects and quotes from popular and classical music.

Mr. Halpern and Mr. Johnson (1995)

Director: Yossef Carmon

Main Theme

A sensitive, touching comedy about two old men who meet for the first time at a funeral. They later find out that they both were related to the deceased: one of them was her husband, and the other one – her life-long best friend and confidant. From there unfolds a lively, funny and sometimes tempestuous discussion about the nature of relationships between couples and between friends. Can a man and a woman really be best friends while being married to others? Written by British playwright Lionel Goldstein as a TV movie starring Laurence Olivier and Jackie Gleason, this Israeli premiere stage production featured 2 great Israeli veteran actors: Yossi Yadin and my father, Albert Cohen.

Summer Camp (2013)

Director: Eyal Kantor

Tortured Mind

A disturbing film about a shy, introverted young boy who has an alter ego who is everything he isn't: outgoing, cocky and confident, eventually driving him to commit a murder. A modern-day, youthful Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In my music for this film I tried to express both opposing sides of the boy's personality, so the music has a soft, moving, gentle side alongside a more violent, disturbed, dark tone.

Trunk Tales (2007)

Director: Noam Meshulam

The Mirrors Song

This US English-speaking version of the second song in the hugely successful children's film “Trunk Tales” is sung by the film's protagonist, the little elephant who wanted more out of life, and the boastful peacock he meets on his journey.

Cap and Bells (2000)

Director: Avi Gez

Main Theme

A gentle, sweet theme for Pirandello's comi-tragic bittersweet play about jealousy.

Berceuse, Reveille, Berceuse

El Sueño


Text: Gabriel Zagni

“Berceuse, Reveille, Berceuse” was composed in memory of my mother, the late world-renowned pianist Ruth Menze, and it describes the farewell process a son experiences after his mother unexpectedly and prematurely dies. In “El Sueño”, the mother appears in the son's dreams, she's real and “alive”, they hug and kiss and laugh and they are as they have always been. In “Dormi”, the son sings a lullaby to his dead mother, trying to depart, to let her go.